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Learn Apache HBase from best Institutes in Tirupur. Apache HBase is a framework for handling large data sets in a distributed computing environment. HBase is a column oriented key value data store which is built to run on a Hadoop Distributed File System HDFS.
It supports very large database table. For example, a table may contain billions of rows and columns. Currently, one of the most prominent uses of HBase is as a structured data handler for Facebook basic messaging infrastructure.
HBase is known for providing strong data consistency on read and write operation, which distinguishes it from other NoSQL databases.
HBase has three main servers in a master slave architecture.The H Master and the Zookeeper form the Master Server and the Region Server forms the Slave Server.The H Master assigns regions to region server for load balancing. The Region Servers are the worker nodes which handle read, write, update, and delete requests. The Zookeeper is a centralized monitoring server that maintains configuration and provides synchronization.
An important aspect of the HBase architecture is the use of master nodes to manage region servers that distribute and process parts of data tables similar to Hadoop.

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